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Far Cry 3 Sketch

2013-08-18 20:10:01 by JakesTV

So Ive been attempting to draw, and I decided to do a REALLY quick drawing of one of my favorite characters from one of my favorite games. It was done in 30 minutes, so don't be thinking it was a professionally drawn drawing, I just did it for fun.

Far Cry 3 Sketch


2013-08-18 00:55:05 by JakesTV

Ok so, I'm kinda fading out of animation, it's not my thing, BUT I will be on a new youtube channel named TeamBossSauce, me and my friend Nick will be making classic video game reviews, top 10s, and Let's Plays, expect videos within a few weeks, I just ordered my first capture card, and don't worry, the channel will be CoD Free :) The Channel is here

Thanks for all support and criticism, I may start animating again in the future, but for now, I want to do something I know I can do! Thanks!

Its me...

2013-05-20 20:37:54 by JakesTV

So if anyone is wondering, not that you are, but if you were wondering, I am not dead. Also I have given up on my animation "Part Time." The reason being is it isn't the best I could have done. Me and a friend are going to start up a series though. Not 100% sure what it will be called. Or what it will be about. All I know is he is a good drawer and I am going to teach him some of the basics of flash. I will help with the story, voicing, actual editing, and probably some of the music, along with another friend of ours. So yeah, see you all later! Bye.

F*cking creepypasta (._.)

2013-02-26 21:28:14 by JakesTV

I read a few creepypastas today (smile.jpg, squidwards suicide, polybius, the game that listens, BEN DROWNED, slenderman(obviously) etc.) and I DO NOT LIEK THEM AT ALL! EVEN IF THEY ARE FAKE! THAT SHIT IS SCARY!

Im feelin good again

2013-02-13 21:20:12 by JakesTV

Well I am once again feeling good. I was sick but I'm better now. I want to record some lines on Friday or Saturday. Hooray? But I guess my sickness didn't last as long as expected. The animation should be out in a few months or so... I am slow at animating... good. Bye everyone.

So the story is I'm sick and my voice sounds like crap, therefore I can't record any lines, it's horrible, plus I cough every 10 seconds, so it's gonna be a couple weeks until I can start recording my lines, maybe a bit less, but you get my point.
Now for a small part of the script.

My animation is going to take a little longer than expected

Anyone wanna voice act?

2012-12-29 19:59:03 by JakesTV

HEY THERE EVERYBODY! My script is finally done! Horray! Now I need some voice actors for some people. These people would be:

3 different store managers
3 different store customers
A stranger
A burglar
A cop

Please comment and send me a message if you would like to do this. You also won't be getting paid... just letting you know that.

Im still here, working on my script...

2012-12-28 21:45:06 by JakesTV

Ok so I'm just letting all of you know I'm not dead and that I'm still working on my script, this is taking much longer than expected because I changed a part of the story about 3 times, which isn't normal for me. This animation will get done though unlike my previous ones I worked so hard on!

Im still here, working on my script...


2012-12-21 21:38:34 by JakesTV

http://www.terriblefate.com/ THIS IS SO AMAZING!

Animation Practice

2012-12-20 20:49:03 by JakesTV

I've been practicing animation and writing my script. Eddsworld fanmade! ENJOY THIS LOOP!

Animation Practice